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what is iliopsoas muscle ?

Hi there.

Have you ever heard of the iliopsoas muscle?

I'm sure you've heard of it a lot on health-related TV programs or if you have back pain.

I often stretch the iliopsoas muscle because my lower back is sometimes a bit "dull".

I can also tell you the difference between the psoas major muscle and the iliopsoas muscle now that I am in this business.

the answer is

The iliopsoas muscle is a general term for the following three muscles.

1. psoas minor muscle

2. iliopsoas muscle

3. The psoas major muscle.

On the page dedicated to our product Yotsuner for thighs, we say "psoas major muscle tension relief", and "psoas major muscle is the cause of lower back pain" mostly.

There are many people who doesn't know the difference between the iliopsoas and psoas muscles.

In this article, I'll explain the difference between the two, as well as explain how to stretch the iliopsoas muscle (including the psoas major muscle), which is also the cause of lower back pain, in between work.

We have created a page dedicated to this topic.

Please check it out if you are interested in stretching methods.


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