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Travelers Socks 旅専用靴下

Healthcare series that enriches your lifestyle

The simple shape that makes the best use of the material allows you to create your personality more freely. The stylish design that makes you want to use it stimulates the user's sensibility and supports your health. Live affluently in your own way every day. We will help you with such happiness.


Hard pollen season

Let us help

Wash your face gently with Konjac sponge

KOMACHI (2).jpg

100% safe plant material

Konjac facial cleansing sponge Komachi

The surface of the sponge, which is swollen with plenty of water, is surrounded by a film of weakly alkaline water.

It neutralizes and decomposes weakly acidic redness and dirt on pores, rinses them away, and keeps healthy skin.

Facial cleansing sponge "Komachi" made from 100% organic konjac

Please take this opportunity to purchase it regardless of age or gender.

880 yen each (tax included)

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Air Moving Regius

Step by step, the air moves according to your movement. Massage the soles of your feet comfortably each time.

The sole of the foot, also called the second heart, is a very delicate part. The health of the soles of your feet is directly linked to your health. The weight rests on the ankles and soles regardless of whether they are standing or walking, and people with poor walking posture, those who walk for a long time, or those who are standing work put a heavy burden on their feet and feel tired the next day. The feeling tends to remain. "Air Moving Insole Regius" moves the air inside the insole, so the sole of the foot feels comfortable, and the walking posture is efficiently adjusted to comfortably support the sole of the foot.

Yotsuner for Pelvis

スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 14.46.56.png
スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 14.46.32.png

Many modern people suffer from chronic lower back problems due to their lifestyle. The pelvis, which can be said to be the center of the body, is closely related to the lower back, and the weakness of posture and muscle strength causes the pelvis to become distorted and loosened, which has an adverse effect. We have developed a set for the Yotsuner pelvis, which is a set of a strong belt and acupressure body that stimulates the lower back with an exquisite shape.

Tighten the pelvis and correct your posture.

Yotsuner for Thighs

スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 14.34.36.png
スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 14.29.41.png
スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 14.30.20.png
Just wrap it around your thighs for 30 minutes to an hour
Psoas major muscle refreshing

The psoas major muscle, which is located deep in the body, is a muscle that is difficult to massage alone. Until now, it was standard to have a professional chiropractor perform the treatment to loosen the tension of the psoas major muscle. Our company focuses on loosening the psoas major muscle and its surrounding muscles that extend widely to the base of the thigh, and can easily and effectively loosen the psoas major muscle while living a normal life. We have succeeded in developing "Relaxation Belt Yotsuner".

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