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We are stylists who shape your ideal health.

Our lifestyles differ from person to person. This is why we pursue products that are simple and functional, with designs that make the most of details and simple shapes that allow you to freely express your individuality. Stylish designs that make you want to use them stimulate your senses and support your health. Live every day in your own way. We will help you achieve such happiness.


Hisashi Morizono

Project Leader

A person who plays a central role in the YUTAKA MAKE healthcare business, including sales planning, sales management, and staffing. At first glance, it is quiet, but the leader of the team consults and negotiates with each department with passion.


Koichi Yoshihama

Hyper Media Creator

The founder of the YUTAKA MAKE healthcare business with Matsuoka. From building a website that emphasizes the world view, creating videos, and shooting products. also conducts overseas business at the same time.



EC Shop Manager

Cool guy. He is one of the store managers who keeps in mind the detailed management of the EC shop and is willing to deal with customers in a friendly manner. Authority of the campaign sale.


​​Live abundantly in your own way every day. We will help you with such happiness.

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