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The 93rd Tokyo Gift Show has successfully closed.

the omicron variant is spreading all over Japan, especially in Tokyo and Osaka.

Are you all okay?

It seems to be really damaging to the throat.

I strongly recommend gargling and humidification on a daily basis.

Last week, February 8 to 10

at Tokyo Big Sight

We exhibited at the 93rd Tokyo International Gift Show.

The organizer announced that a total of 140,000 people visited the show over the three days.

With the Corona disaster and heavy snow forecast for the weekend

I thought, "There won't be many visitors," but I was surprised to see that even in such a situation, people were still looking for business opportunities.

But despite this, many buyers who were eager to look for business seeds, and we were able to end the event with a great deal of excitement.

A lot of visitors came to our booth as well.

Number of flyers distributed: about 500 pcs

Number of business cards exchanged: 120 people

Number of visitors to our exhibition-specific product web page 61people

Number of visitors to our website: 709people

It is worth mentioning that we had many fruitful business discussions with potential customers, and the entire project team was very happy to have participated in the exhibition.

As a side effect, since the end of the Gift Show, sales at our online stores have increased by 200% compared to last month.

I don't know if it's the timing or what.

I'd also like to thank Ms. S., who worked hard for three days handing out flyers by the booth.

Thank you very much for your kindness and politeness in explaining our products to the customers.

Through our participation in this year's Gift Show, we were able to find many products that we would like to handle on our website in the future.

To whom it may concern

Thank you for your hard work over the past three days.

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