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Room Setta Status Report

Hello, everyone!

On December 14, I asked Morizono and Matsuoka to be our monitors

to start trying on our new product candidate, the room Setta.

Twelve days have passed, so here is the report.

by the way,

you can see what the Room Setta is from previous blog

(1) feeling (2) lightness, (3) pressure points on the feet, (4) comfort,

(5) recommendations.

I would like to report on these five points.

Points to keep in mind

We are trying to sell this product seriously, so I would like to ask them to give me real opinions without discernment.

(1)Wear feeling


The L size is a little big for me, so I recommend wearing room setta that fit just right.


Right after I put them on, the nose cord part felt hard, which is natural since they are new. After wearing them for two to three days, I got used to them. Now, after 12 days, I don't mind at all.



Just right. Not too heavy, not too light.

3) Foot pressure points


The first day I wore them, they felt hard, but now I don't mind.

It doesn't hurt. Maybe I'm getting healthier?


They felt hard at first, but after wearing them for 12 days, my feet have gotten used to them.

Comfort (on a scale of 1 to 10)

Morizono 6

Matsuoka 6.5

5) Recommendations


I can't feel the benefit of the pressure points at the moment because I'm used to them, but when I change into my outer shoes, I can wear them with my feet feeling refreshed.


I stumble less. The nose cord feels good and makes my feet feel tighter. I was impressed like when I wore Nike Air Max for the first time. Also, the pressure points on my feet are stimulated, so my feet don't get cold.


I dared to ask about the disadvantages.


The nose cord makes it difficult to wear regular socks.


I'm a fan of five-toed socks, so I don't have a problem with it, but it might be difficult to see the effect if you're a fan of regular socks.


The results were as follows.

Both of us feel comfortable wearing these room Setta. We often say that the sole of the foot is so important that it is called the second heart, and since foot health also fits into our concept of health care, we will focus on marketing this product.

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