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Life expectancy in the world and Russians

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This blog is updated irregularly, and today I am writing about the average life expectancy around the world.

I've been working as an overseas salesman for a long time, and even in my current job at Corona pandemic, I'm in daily contact with sales agents around the world via SNS, ZOOM, and Skype.

This is a bit off topic, but I'd like to announce my ranking of social networking sites!

No. 1 Whatsapp: Almost worldwide, but China is subtle

No. 2 Line: No China, subtle Russia, Thailand and Taiwan are booming

No. 3 We chat, the best in China 

No. 4 Kakao talk, the best in Korea

No. 5 Skype Almost worldwide, China also OK

6th Others

Back to the topic then,

Have you ever seen the world life expectancy ranking for men and women?

This is the ranking that WHO released in 2019.

1st Japan 84.3 years old

2nd Switzerland 83.4 years old

3rd South Korea 83.3 years old

4th Singapore 83.2 years old

Spain 83.2 years old

From there, it goes all the way to

96th Russia 73.2 years old

For men only

118th 68.2 years old

Japanese government recently set the retirement age at 65, didn't they?

If this is the case, it would be a laughable joke to say that Russian people die immediately after receiving a pension.

By the way, Russia also has a pension system, and the start of receiving pension has been moved up from 60 to 65 years old.

It's too devilish.

The average life expectancy of Russian men was below 60 in the 90's, and the Russian government, seeing this, increased the tax on alcohol and lowered the consumption of vodka, which increased the life expectancy. 、、、、

Is this true?

Such is the mysterious Russia.

I am surprised every time I visit this country.

Not in Far Eastern Russia (Vladivostok and Sakhalinsk).

I am talking about the European side, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Even if you go to a local drugstore or DIY sotres.

You can find a lot of Japanese products, especially those related to health.

Perhaps they are learning from Japan, the country with the world's highest longevity.

We have been uploading photos of the local scene on our Instagram page.

Please check it out.


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