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Air Moving Regius

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Air Moving, a new type of insole that moves air under the your foot.

This product is made of a material called TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane).

What do you think of this TPU?

It's actually used in something very familiar to you: 、、、、.

The Answer is

Smart phone cases.

Not all of them, but there are many phone cases that use this TPU material.

In the past, most cases were made of silicon, but it tended to get caught in pants or get dusty easily, so TPU has become the mainstream these days.

The feature of this TPU is that it changes its shape with heat.It is easy to mold, strong, and light.We have focused on insoles made of TPU.

After that, skilled craftsmen apply air pressure to each type of insole.with exquisitely adjusted air pressure. Nitrogen gas (air) is injected to each type.

The soles of our feet are extremely sensitive. You can immediately tell if there is a pebble in your shoe! The soles can sense the presence of foreign substances.

When you wear the Air Moving Regis, you are standing on air.

first few minutes The soles of your feet will immediately feel a certain amount of discomfort.

If the air pressure is too high, you will always be standing on a balance ball, and you will get tired.

If the air pressure is too low, the cushioning decreases, the burden increases, and you get tired anyway.

To prevent this from happening, we find the best air pressure for each shape.

The craftsman adjusting the air pressure one by one by his sight and hand.

As a result, an insole is created in which the air moves in the sole and gives a moderate massage.

This is a little behind-the-scenes story...

For more details, please check out our Instagram. ↓↓↓

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