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A hint of a new product

Hello there.

We are currently in the process of adding products to our health care site based on the keyword "health care for mind and body".

<<Here is the product lineup.>>

YOTSUNER for Thighs (waist care)

YOTSUNER for pelvis (posture care)

Air Moving Regius (Foot care)

Performa (Mental care)

We are about to introduce a new foot care product to this product lineup.

The name is "Room Setta".

Setta is Japanese traditional sandal.

Room Setta

It has been developed for indoor use.

The lining is made of felt.

In addition, the sole is a uniquely designed foot pressure point.

Every time you walk, you can stimulate the pressure points.

Each pair is handmade by craftsmen in Nara Prefecture.

Made in Japan.

In recent years, an increasing number of businessmen have been wearing five-toed socks or two-toed socks.

This is recommended for such people.

In today's work scene, people tend to sit for a long time.

In such a situation, It effectively stimulates the soles of your feet and makes you healthy.

For pictures of our products, please visit our Instagram.

Morizono, the project leader, and Matsuoka, the MD, are trying on the room setta.

We are currently discussing how we will upload them to the site.

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