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Tighten the pelvis and correct the posture. The massage effect loosens the muscles. It feels like you are being massaged because the acupressure body created with a special shape loosens the kinnick around the waist with moderate force.

Yotsuner for the pelvis

colour: black
  • For Yotsuner pelvis with a set of acupressure body that stimulates the waist with a strong belt and exquisite shape of the pelvis


    S size Pelvic circumference 55cm ~ 78cm
    M size Pelvic circumference 70cm ~ 94cm
    L size Pelvic circumference 85cm ~ 110cm

    * The figures are around the pelvis, not the waist.
    ​ * If the size is close to the upper limit, please select the size one level higher.

    Material Polyurethane

    Attention There is no limit to the wearing time, but please be careful not to overtighten it.

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