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What is the iliopsoas muscle?


Generally, it is said to be the muscle used when standing or walking. This iliopsoas muscle is also used when standing up.

In modern society, it is said that the iliopsoas muscles contract and become stiff due to the posture of sitting in a chair for a long time, such as long hours of desk work and long hours of driving, which causes poor posture and causes back pain.

So where is the iliopsoas muscle?

What is the iliopsoas muscle?

It is a general term for muscles composed of the following three muscles.

1. Psoas minor muscle

2. Iliacus muscle

3. Psoas major muscle



<Psoas minor muscle>

It is buried in the psoas major muscle and works as an auxiliary to the psoas major muscle.

<Iliacus muscle>

Unlike the psoas major muscle, it is a muscle that is not attached to the spine.

The main role is to raise your legs.

<Psoas major muscle>

Among them, the psoas major muscle is said to have a function of stabilizing the spine, and the contraction of the psoas major muscle causes the posture to collapse significantly.

It is said that the posture is distorted, which puts a strain on the lower back and causes back pain.

Another major role of the psoas major muscle is to stabilize the hip joint.

It has been found that the stability of the hip joint allows the foot to be pushed forward more smoothly when walking.

Even in the results conducted by our company in the laboratory of the Department of Sports Science, Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, we obtained experimental results such as the change in the leg raising angle due to the relaxation of psoas major muscle tone after using our product.


スクリーンショット 2020-12-02 11.41.16.png

​When the iliopsoas muscle contracts and becomes stiff, the hip bones are pulled, which puts a strain on the lower back. Also, I feel that my stride is narrower and my legs are heavier. In today's world, where people often sit down, it's easy to fall into this situation, so please try the iliopsoas stretch that we're about to introduce.

Iliopsoas stretch



Pull up with your knees on your abdomen. By hugging it so that it is attached to the abdomen, the flexibility of the buttocks (buttocks) and hamstrings (muscles on the back of the thighs) increases, and the iliopsoas muscles that are attached to the groin area become stretched. ..


・ Maintain a straight posture as shown in the picture. Do not curl your back.

・ Be careful not to lift your opposite leg.

For intermediate users


Introducing how to stretch the iliopsoas muscle while standing casually in the office.

Pull one leg backwards. Please pull as much as possible. By doing so, you can stretch the iliopsoas muscle that is attached to the groin. Did you sit a little too long? Please try it when you think.


・ Straighten your knees as shown in the picture.

・ Stretch your back and try not to make your back round.

​For intermediate users


As before, this is a method of stretching the iliopsoas muscle in the office. As shown in the picture, grab the ankle of one leg and bend it backwards.Please stand up a little between desk work and try it.


・ Lower your legs as far back as possible.

・ Be aware that the base of your thighs is stretched.

For advanced users


It is a method of stretching the iliopsoas muscle using a foam roller. You can loosen the quadriceps femoris (thighs) and iliopsoas muscles and fascia by moving the foam roller from the inguinal region to the thighs. As you can see in the picture, it is a fairly hard stretching method even for men, but it is an excellent way to train your core along with stretching. Please try it when you have time and place.


・ Slowly move the foam roller to the base of the hip joint.

・ Do not give momentum, but apply a certain amount of pressure.

For Yotsuner thighs, you can easily stretch the psoas major muscle, which connects the groin to the thigh, and the muscles around it, even during work or during housework when space and time are not available. Would you like to refresh your waist by wearing it for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day?

スクリーンショット 2021-10-01 17.51.56.png

​← Line around Yotsuner


Acupressure body that applies pressure like a foam roller

The iliopsoas muscle is the central muscle of the body that connects the pelvis and thighs. By stretching the iliopsoas muscle according to your physical condition, you will be able to maintain flexibility and walk smoothly without being aware of it.

To know your body.


That is the biggest point to bring out your true ability without overdoing it.

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Be Yourself

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