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Free your life​ Idea

The idea of new room sandal

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If you inspire new indoor footwear

It even changes the way of life.

Setta(sandal) with 

Kitchen, dining, bedroom, etc.

You can wear it freely in places where you can rest or in your hobby space.

"Freedom" to live.


Manufactured in Japanese shoes.
It is a traditional technique that has been passed down since the Edo period


Footwear manufacturing technology inherited at Yamato Kobo in Kitakatsuragi District, Nara Prefecture. With delicate patterns and fine finishes, each pair of room setta is made by skilled craftsmen.
The flower cord woven by hand is delicate

It features a soft texture.

The unique comfort that can only be produced by craftsmen

It will find enough value to try.

The uneven sole, which is designed with the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot in mind, gives a comfortable stimulus to the foot tired from long standing work. By stimulating the soles of the feet, the balance of the whole body is adjusted, the function is restored, and the relaxation effect is promoted. In the first place, setta is said to be good for your health by stimulating the crotch of your toes by putting your finger in the flower cord. It was developed with the concept of "reduction of fatigue" and "recovery of function" by making full use of the voices of the acupuncture and moxibustion clinics.


"Izumi" located in the center stimulates it

When it has the effect of relieving tiredness and tiredness

It is generally said. Because of its efficacy, it has come to be called a "universal acupoint". We will help you switch on the energy that humans spring up while you are in the room.

​There are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, each with different effects. Room setta adopts asymmetric design. It has a structure that can efficiently stimulate the acupuncture points on the left and right soles.


The outsole of the room setta is made based on felt and has a non-slip part where the force when walking is transmitted. The risk of unexpected falls and slips is also taken into account.


Product name: Room setta

Hanao Color: Gray


Size: S (22.5cm-23.0cm)

M (24.5cm-25.0cm)

L (26.5cm-27cm)


Material: Insole EVA (with antibacterial agent)

: Hanao table synthetic leather

: Foreword / Hanao Ura PU Suede (Beige)

: Bottom felt

​​ Retail price: 7,590 yen (tax included)


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