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Konjac face wash

The secret to cleansing the pores.

The answer was water and konjac.

Konjac facial cleansing that changes the common sense of facial cleansing.

Introducing the face-wash sponge "Komachi".


Recommended by Yutaka Make Healthcare Series

Facial cleansing sponge "Komachi" manufactured by Yamamoto Farm in Gunma Prefecture.


This product aims to create beautiful bare skin with the power of "konjac", which Japanese people have been familiar with since ancient times.


Komachi is all rare domestic organic konjac. Made from naturally derived ingredients.

After use, it returns to the soil, where konjac grows and becomes a sponge again. And it is a sustainable sponge that returns to the soil once it has the role of cleaning the skin.


Konjac sponge KOMACHI white

The best-selling product.

There are many voices saying that the gloss of the skin has improved.

You can use it with confidence for people with sensitive skin and atopy.

Konjac sponge KOMACHI green tea

​ Green tea puff with matcha from Shizuoka! Green tea has a bactericidal effect, suppresses inflammation of acne and pimples, and has a whitening effect to prevent blemishes. Green uses tea and green clay. No coloring is used.

Konjac sponge KOMACHI Sakura

​ New Year version, cherry blossom puff! Contains Yoshino cherry tree extract. Sakuraba extract is used for improving rough skin, anti-inflammatory and whitening effects. Pink clay is used for cherry blossoms, and no coloring agents are used.


Konjac sponge KOMACHI charcoal

​ Black puff with Bincho charcoal! With the double effect of charcoal scrubbing and adsorption, it thoroughly cleans pores and excess sebum to keep your skin clean.


Gentle on the skin

Remove dirt

100% safe plant material

The surface of the sponge, which is swollen with plenty of water, is surrounded by a film of weakly alkaline water.

It neutralizes and decomposes weakly acidic redness and dirt on pores, rinses them away, and keeps healthy skin.

-------- The function of the konjac sponge --------

スクリーンショット 2022-01-13 8.24.29.png

1. The surface of the sponge that swells with plenty of water is covered with a film of water. The water film acts as a barrier and does not damage the skin.

スクリーンショット 2022-01-13 8.24.35.png

2. Since the water film is weakly alkaline, it neutralizes weakly acidic skin stains and removes stains without soap.

スクリーンショット 2022-01-13 8.24.40.png

​3. With the power of Japanese konjac, you can keep your skin clean and healthy.

-------- How to use the konjac sponge --------


Soak it in hot water and rub it lightly to soften it immediately. Please use it after it is fully inflated.

✖️ Use hard


Lather soap etc. well and wash gently as if stroking. It can be used without soap.

✖️ Hard scrub

✖️ Enzyme-containing bath salts and detergents


After use, wash it by pressing it with tap water, wash away soap and dirt, and drain it with the palm of your hand.

✖️ Twist and squeeze


When it is drained, put it in a tapper and store it in the refrigerator.

✖️ Leave in the bathroom


Facial cleansing sponge "Komachi" made from 100% organic konjac

Please take this opportunity to purchase it regardless of age or gender.

880 yen each (tax included)

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