Garden Barrier (GDX)

The Wolrd's first made in Japan device for the purpose of repelling cat from the garden

This Garden Barrier is designed from the point of view of animal welfare, it doesn't harm the cats. the effective at preventing damage due to cats by using fluctuating ultrasonic waves, with frequencies from 18 to 23kHz. 

By fluctuating the cat's audible frequency between 18 to 23kHz.  

It can exert great effects without getting used to cats.

The existing products are designed to be converted to various frequency bands, which cover not only cats, Therefore, the frequency is not stable and the effect is weaker.

The infrared sensor catches the movement of the cat and emits ultrasonic waves only when the cat enters the sensor area.

Generate a loud volume of ultrasonic waves(100db). For cats, it sounds like the car's horns are ringing nearby. 

By using a Japanese-made speaker that can produce a stable volume, a large volume can be output constantly.

The Garden Barrier series has been sold in Japan for 20 years and is still selling.

There is no other product that continues to be a long seller in the world.

Approximately 100 health centers and city halls (ward offices) adopt this garden barrier for a response to local complaints of cats.


Garden Barrier

​           GDX

Garden Barrier 2

​           GDX-2

Garden Barrier Mini

​           GDX-M


Our story


The cat has a strong sense of territory, and it is difficult to cancel it when recognized to be territory once.

If feces and urine are done in a garden by a wild cat and stray cat, and also taken a nap in the bonnet of the car, you may think that it seems with here already their territory. Then it became very in danger.

Because various bacteria are included in the feces of the cat, it may kill the trees and plants and a flower. In addition, It may fall into serious health damage when children and a pregnant woman touch it with the bacteria. 

It was the story 20 years back, when our chairman rebuilt his home and at the same time renovated his garden, However, he felt a very strong smell from a brand new garden a few days later.

The cat has a habit to cover one's feces and urine in the sand.

Our chairman noticed the strange of the garden, and the feces of a large number of cats were discovered when he dug up soil. he went to buy the repellent product of the cat immediately. However, there were few effects, and I tried various types of repellent products, but the effect was not given after all.

If it rains outside. the repellent evading a cat by smell is not over the effect at all. There was already the cat repellent device that the ultrasonic wave made in China and Taiwan rises from, but it does not show an expected effect.

I thought that I must invent it by myself and each brought the idea that there was many it and was equipped with the sensor which reacted to the temperature of the animal and completed the machine which gave off an ultrasonic wave if a cat invaded the perception range.

one day, The noise emitted from the ultrasonic wave speaker and was very tired of removing it.

but suddenly an idea came up. can't I utilize this noise? can't I make a spot where the cat does not stay long by emitting fluctuating an ultrasonic wave?

As a result of having solved these questions one by one, "Garden Barrier" was completed.

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Michiaki Yukimoto


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